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Thanks for all the positive feedback for JSA Motors, we appreciate it. We have posted many of your comments below.


  51. "I just wanted to let you people at JSA Motors know how great it's been to do business with you. I bought a SR20DET motorset from you in December of last year. Shipping was fast and I was able to track the motor to my dropoff point. I slowly spent the last ten months prepping it... yeah I'm lazy! We finally swapped the engine into my S13 at the beginning of November and after connecting everything it fired up on the very first turn of the key. I've been driving the car around for a week now and I've had no problems whatsoever. JSA Motors are the best! I'm going to do all my engine buying from you in the future whether it be Nissan, Honda or whatever and I'll be recommending you to all my friends and everyone on the Nissan forums as well, thank you!"
         - Safarest Halfacre, USA

  50. "Hey Guys I've been so busy Enjoying my new motor that haven't had time to say thanks for the awesome B16A2 Vtec DOHC motor, and to whom this may concern it started on the first crank and runs great. Thanks Guy !!!!"
  • Ray Bright, AK, USA

49. "Just wanted to tell you guys how great your engine was. The engine worked on the first crank and is now running 9 seconds on the quarter mile in a civic coupe. The shop that put it in for me says that the engine runs better than any other engines they have seen. My friends that has done a H22A engine swaps like me can't beat mine. Thanks For the GREAT Motor."
  • Cher Yang, NC, USA

48. "Just thought I'd follow up with you guys. I bought a Civic SI-R B16a 92-95 DOHC Vtec Engine from you, a couple of months back. My son and I installed it in a 1993 Integra with the help of a few adapter kits. We wired the Vtec controls back to the ECU, and re-designed the vacuum hose connections. The moment of truth came when we finally turned the ignition key. It fired up on the first crank and ran smooth a silk, Watta rush! It was a pleasure doing business with you."
  • Dan Muns, USA

47. "Just wanted to let you guys know that the motor I bought from you guys last month was in excellent condition and cranked on the first try. I had no problems at all, shipping was awesome and on time, motor, tranny, harness, everything was in perfect working condition. Thanks alot for the awesome motor and business. I will deffinitly do business with you guys again and have referred you to all of my friends."
  • Chris Neiheiser, VA, USA

46. "Bye the way the engine runs like it was brand new. You guys do a kick ass job. Thanks again."
  • Nicholas Plyler & Sarah Prickle, FL, USA
45. "Hi! well im writting for my brother. He wanted me to say that it runs great on his crx. The b18c series runs awesome!! he put is on a GSR block. it runs a clean 9.5 on the quarter mile. thanks a lot."
  • Mike Guzman, CA, USA

44. "Hey guys at J-Spec I just wanna say thanks for the engine for my EG it's running perfect, the price was good and it got here with no damage, thanks again."
  • Edgar Vasquez, USA

43. "I love it, experience was perfect the motor was flawless looked brand new u guys really hooked it up the frount mount on my s13 is a beauty....thanks i have already recomended u guys and my pal bought a motor too and he loves it to runs great....13.20's at the track...sweet."
  • Shianne Black, USA

42. "Buying an engine from J-Spec Auto was the easiest and most honest buying expirience I have ever had with JDM Engines.  I got my motor quickly and it was in excellent condition when I recieved it.  The price I paid was a great buy for the quality of the engine I got, and it was exactly what I was quoted.  If I am looking for an engine for one of my customers this is the first place I look.  Thank you for the great service"
  • James Martin, MD, USA

41. "Its me Michael Lealamanua here in Florida just stopping by to say thank you for such great service and especially a great engine and transmission!  I just finished my SR20DET engine swap today (Merry Christmas to ME!).  The engine runs and looks great with no leaks and the performance is awesome.  Thanks again for giving us car gurus a place where we can spend our hard earned money for a great product as advertised and great service as well."
  • Michael Lealamanua, FL, USA 

  • Michael Byrd, GA, USA

39. "Im looking for a JDM Euro R H22 engine. Please send me information on what you can do for me. This is my second order through your company and I was very impressed with my first swap. Please let me know what you can do for me. Thank You."
  • Mike Moore, KS, USA

38. "Hi Ishmael, its Mike Satchell here i just wanted to thank you once again for the engines, stickers, t-shirts,and buisness cards. We are in the process right now of building up our jdm engines and will keep you updated of our progress in the future. With out your help we wouldn't be where we are today. Thanks again."
  • Mike Satchell, USA

37. "JDM RSX K20A engine into 93 Del Sol, only used in rallycross racing. Thanks for the good engine!"
  • Gunnar Bjarnasson, Iceland


36. "Thank you so much.  You have been a lot of help.  Your kindness and quick
answers are appreciated"
  • Cole Pizzingrilli, USA

35. "I have received both the JDM B18C engines now, they look to be in excellent condition. I should be able to put them both in during the next couple of weeks. I cant wait to have them running. I can thank you enough for your service and quality of business, I appreciate everything you've done for me."

  • Mike Satchell, MA, USA

34. "Thank you so much for my JDM B18C engine, it came very fast in two days i am
extremely happy with it. Thank you very much i'll let u guys know how the
swap went. Doing it on saturday. Thank u again."

  • Michael Elbaz, NJ, USA

33. "I Ordered Your JDM Klze Engine And I Just Wanted To Say It Looks Great. Couldnt Ask For Much More. I Have No Doubt In My Mind It Will Run As Good As It Looks. Thank You"

  • Chris Tront, MI, USA

32. "I have yet to buy a jdm engine from you guys but I have been in touch regarding
my project and oyu've help alot.  Always prompt replys and knowledgeable
ansewers.  Thanks!"

  • Robert Brock, USA

31. "The jdm engine is awesome.... not even one problem....... prepped it for drifting!! Strong motor... if i had more cash i'll buy from you in the future!!"

  • Brandon Ortega, USA

30. "Dear Sirs. We, my son and I are pleased with our purchase from you. In the Chicago area you have a very good reputation. Cars are advertise to sell with the notation "J-spec engine installed". The only complaint is the packaging of the engine. It could have been package a little bit stronger. We plan on buying more jdm engines from you in the future. My son is 18 years old and plans on studing to be an mechanic. He loves older Japanese cars and is in to restoring them. Your service fits right into his plans. Thank you very much.”

  • Rafael Aldape, IL, USA

"Thank you so much jspecauto... So much.. You made my life much easyer.. I really think your site, service and friendlyness is so much more then any other site that I have found.!!! thank you once again.. Your future customer”

  • Sean Younce, USA

"I ordered the JDM B16a XSI engine from you guys in late june 04. After finally buying everything i would need to make this motor fit and run how i wanted it to, I finished it in early november. I was a first time Swap guy. I went from my normal 62 hp Hf motor to the XSI 160Hp motor. I just wanted to let you know i couldn't be more happy with the engine. the internals were spotless, the engine runs strong and pulls through with everything i ask from it. I even got a factory ys1 gsr tranny out of it. Thank you very much for your service the next car i do i will be buying from you. thanks again. Thank you guys....the motor is exactly what i had hoped it to be.”

  • Eamon Long, CA, USA

27. "I don't know if you'd remember, but a few weeks ago I had sent you and email saying that my JDM H22 Engine broke down after 15 minutes of starting due to a faulty oil pump.  Well I replaced the oil pump as well as some other parts and now the engine runs like a champ!  Thought that I'd let you know and just wanted to say thanks for a great transaction, customer service as well as wonderful communication.  It's so hard to find a business like that, especially an internet based business.  Good luck with your business and thanks again!”

  • Dathan Rivera, USA

sr20det swap  

  • Lukasz Stolarczyk, ON, Canada

25. "Dear Ismael. Hey this is Ed Wrask i purchased a JDM KLZE engine from you in December of 2003. I just wanted to let you know that the engine is performing beautifully. I can feel the power increase. I have installed a cold air intake and an OBX exhaust. This upcoming winter I am going to put on a full Shogun kit on. But i remember when i went up to Canada to get the engine i saw a pair of JDM one pc headlights at the warehouse. I was wondering if you might have a pair i could buy from you. If not do you know where i could get a set? they would really set the car off with that kind of kit”

  • Ed Wrask, USA

24. “Hello, its me again. I just wanted to write to you and say "thank you". It sucks that im still without my car, but ill live! I also wanted to say thank you for sending me a great jdm engine. At I.C.C.(Import Car Care) the shop where im getting my swap done at, they took off the valve cover,and took the engine apart, and we noticed how GREAT of a jdm engine it was. The cams look brand new. Well thank you. Theres only one more thing I can ask of you, and thats if you can please send me a couple (two) of your jspecautosports.com stickers, I would love a couple. Well thanks agains, thank you for everything.”

  • Juan Estrada, CA, USA

23. “Hello Ismael. I just wanted to let you know that the jdm engine and transmission are installed, and all appears to be running well. I wanted to thank you for being so responsive to all our questions and concerns. I will recommend you if I hear of anyone needing service. Thanks again!”

  • Diane Bousfield

22. “I was on ebay and noticed that you are located within the USA, as well as you seem to have great feedback and quality service.”

  • Chris De Freitas, USA

21. “Hi my name is Herney Herrera I recently ordered a jdm engine from you JDM B16A SI-R engine. I have gotten some good compliments on the engine. I was wondering if you had any stickers or decals that I may put on my car to show ur website amd name because I have gotten a lot of questions abotu your company.”

  • Herney Herrera, New Jersey, USA

20. “Yo, just thought i'd email you and tell you everyhting is running well. It has lots of power and sounds really good. Thanks for the awesome motor. SWEET!”

  • Adam Duschane

19. “I have read up on your company and everyhting I have read has been very positive.”

  • Cam Higgins, AL, USA

18. “I have heard a lot of good things about your company and I hope you can help me out.”

  • Peter Dastych, AB, Canada

17. “Ismael, your company is truely the best I have worked with, very professional and helpful. Not to mention the Integra Type-R motor at an unbelievable price!! This motor is worth every penny.”

  • Matthew Murphy, AR, USA 

16. “Love the site. Finally a trustworthy JDM engine distributor, Thanks for your help.”

  • Eric Judd

15. “By the way you are getting very popular, It's nice to do business with you.”

  • Khoi Truong

14. “Someone talked to me about your company and you seam to be as good as you say you are.”

  • Jeff Deetz

13. “...besides that the JDM engine is great, my mechanic even told me he had not seen a swap that clean in a while, the car runs extremely har, it is impressive. If you ant any pictures of comments for your site I will be glad to send them. Just let me know.”

  • Alex

12. “I heard about this site fom my friend. He said he is loving his new JDM engine, so I decided to check it out.”

  • Chris

11. “My friend recommended me to you guys since he got a great deal from you.”

  • Gary Dhillon

10. “I was just wondering if you happened to have some JSpecAutosports.com stickers that I could put on my Civic so I can do a little bit of advertising for you out here in Saskatchewan. Your company has been terrific thru the whole ordering process. You reply to emails within 1 day every time and you don't B.S. with your customers. The cheque I mailed was sent on Friday, so you should have it very soon. I can't wait to show the guys around here the new motor and smoke em with my new JDM VTEC engine. Once guys see the speed and where I got the motor, friends of mine will be future customers of yours. Thank You very much.”

  • Jarrett Smith, Saskatoon, SK, Canada 

9. “Hi Ismael. You have been a great help and you always answer the phone(unlike most companies). Thanks so much for your great service and excellent prices on JDM engines.”

  • Clint Davidson

8. “Look forward to swapping. Heard good things about jspecauto :)”

  • Micheal Weber

7. “He said only good things about dealing with your company, I'm excited to do the same”

  • Matt Johnson

6. “You came highly recommeneded from a friend of mine”

  • Dan Mepham

5. “Your company seems to have it's I's dotted and T's crossed when it comes to customer satsifaction.”

  • Gerad Stebbins

4. “I just wanted to say your JDM engines are SWEET!!!! Mine came with everything basically and nothing was broken. I would recommend you guys to a lot of people. My car runs prime and not a thing wrong and smooth as could be. Your JDM engine swaps are the best, Thanks again.”

  • Matthew Ballos

3. “J-Spec Auto provided clear, descriptive and prompt feedback, great service and a perfect quality JDM engine and tranny. The compression in my B18C gsr engine checked out perfect, as promised, and my civic now runs a best 14.19 at 97.5mph in the quarter.”

  • Dave Anderson, ON, Canada

   honda tuning

2.  “Great JDM engine!!! Lots of power!!! Installation was easy!. Thanks a lot for the help and the great service!”

  • Mike Brisson, QC, Canada

 jdm engine swap

1. “Oh yes, I'm very happy about the engine and surprised of the power it puts out. Business relationship is outstanding. Thanks...”

  • Ricardo Pagan, NC, USA


We have kept all of the emails sent to us by our HAPPY CUSTOMERS, and we can provide proof for all of these positive feedback.

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