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RX-7 S5 13B-T 89-91 - Engine, 5-Speed RWD Transmission, ECU, Intercooler, Complete Wiring(Un-Cut)

2 Rotary Turbo 1.3L FC3S
• Year: 89-91
• HP: 205hp@6500
• Torque: 193lbs@3500
• Displacement: 1308cc

 List Of Parts Included
 • Complete Motor
 - Block
 - Head
 - Intake Manifold
 - Exhaust Manifold
 - Sensors  
 - Fuel Rail
 - Injectors
 - Cam Angle Sensor
 - Throttle Body
 - Alternator
 - Starter
 - Ignition Wires
 - Pulleys
 - Turbo manifold
 - Turbocharger

 • 5-Speed RWD Transmission

 • Intercooler

 • Computer (ECU)

 • Wiring Harness (Un-cut)

* No warranty on rotary engines, sold as-is.

Stock Status
 In Stock

Between 20 to 60 thousand miles, depending on the year. Click here for more information.

USED, click here for more information.

No warranty, sold as-is.
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Shipping is between $200.00 to $435.00 depending on your location. Transit time between 2-5 days. We can ship to residential or commercial address. Tracking number always provided. Click here for exact shipping costs to your location.

Installation Information
Fits into 86-91 Mazda RX-7 Turbo, for non-turbo models you will require the wiring harness and computer from a turbo model RX-7.
For more information go to our Tech Center

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Price: $1795.00